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i was wrongfully terminated from my job on May 11th. i’ve since been in search of a totally new career path. Ā About 4 weeks later, i am in deep thought & prayer about where to go from here! And when i look up — BOOM — the #’s 358. i feel it in my gut that it is a sign/ message! Next, i Googled “spiritual meaning for number 358”. i always go with Joanne Scared Scribe! And here’s the advice i was given!

Funny thing is i have had the inspiration for this blog since last August: and have a picture album titled = “Call Me Crazy” to document all of the signs i’ve been blessed with!! i’ve longed for a spiritual career for years now!

Oh! and wait !! … the best part is that i knew it was coming — my signs were preparing me for a “New Beginning”. Only i thought it was the promotion i’d interviewed for ((*for the management job i’d been trained for and was wildly successful at)). Well, upper management had other plans for me due to the criminal activity i’d bore witness to…

To Be Continued! Stay tuned for the signs that prepared me for being terminated, and needing to start anew!


Recognizing & Interpreting Signs from the Universe

i’ve created this blog to teach others how to recognize & interpret their own “signs” from the Universe = by sharing my own personal ‘real-time’ photos and descriptions on how i do it! .. i cannot tell you your signs — they are uniquely personal to: you. However, i can provide you with a road map that will lead you to discovering yours!

Follow me on my journey, and i will 1) literally upload pictures of my ‘signs’ .. 2) describe what was going thru my mind at the time, and .. 3) show how a simple Google search gives me its meaning! After that, i simply apply the invaluable guidance to my daily life!

All you need is: an open mind .. your intuition ((*how far developed it is doesn’t matter)) .. to be aware of/ observe the world around you .. the Internet, and perhaps, .. an empty notebook for you to write it all down in!

The Universe is constantly reaching out to you .. it is trying so desperately to help you navigate through this life! If i can do it ((?!)) — then you certainly can, too!

… so, ..WHO exactly AM i ??.. = Read my next post to get an understanding of who i am, some of what i’ve survived, and how i went from being more dead than alive to more alive than i ever dreamed possible !! Stay tuned! šŸ˜Š

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Entropy Erin

Former hardcore pessimist, chronically depressed, addict, non-believer, skeptic, weak, suicidal, broken mess, etc. until suffering a trilogy of traumas within a 3 month period at the age of 28 .. That year, in 2012= i was diagnosed with ‘PTSD’; (1) isolated, (2) prolonged .. spent close to 7 months ‘Agoraphobic’ ((fear of the outdoors)) .. AND, .. felt/had my life change .. my ENTIRE “ME” change in an instant, a moment !!

= a “Spiritual Awakening”. ..amidst an angry and resentful rant at God. — There i was, my arms .literally. raised up in a – ‘Y’ – i was screaming out loud: “WHY?!” .. “WHY?!” .. “WHY?!”. Why all of the epic tragediesā€™/battles/suffering i’d endured since i could remember ?! .. A ((?)) i’d demanded an answer/ explanation to for all my life!! = and out of nowhere i felt a wave of peace wash over me; beginning at the top of my head — down to the very tips of my toes .. sending my arms down with it .. and rendering me silent. … it was in that very moment that i got my answer — no, i KNEW my answer .. and i’d had it all along = because: “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”.

There was NO OTHER explanation for the heinousness i’d endured! NONE. …Truth is: it had been far too simple and lacking in evidence for me.. Each time i’d been told that in the past, it gave me no comfort or reprieve!! In fact, it usually made me feel worse! **i now understand the reason behind that = the person SAYING IT did not believe it whatsoever, ..and neither did i.. It was always just “a line” to me. As humans, i think it’s difficult for us to ask the hard questions, and place trust in the easy answers. Leading up to that moment, i simply could not fathom how any pain or suffering ((mine or others)) could benefit me in any way! i couldn’t see how anything good could come out of all the bad and ugly in this life.. . **BUT! Now?! — now, i KNOW = i know firsthand that the good .. the bad .. and *especially* the ugly all happen in order to: strengthen our souls .. offer a vital lesson .. be the catalyst for change, self-transformation and discovery.** i am the utterly complete and total OPPOSITE from the person i described to you in my very first sentence. NIGHT and DAY !!

..and here i stand = 5 years later, with a testimony that i believe i am suppose to share with you .. and a secret to navigating life, .. one that God & the Angels offer us daily, in order to communicate Divine guidance/ wisdom/ support/ spiritual growth/ understanding/ etc.! — a path to enlightenment that i am suppose to translate and teach others. To hopefully teach you!

= HOW TO “READ THE SIGNS”, ( messages, symbols, synchronicities ) that exist all around us each and every day!! **Since my signs will be completely different from yours = i believe that providing a detailed account of my own personal experiences & examples ((past & present)) will allow you to apply what you’ve learned into your own life that it makes sense to: you! All you need is: an open mind .. knowing how to recognize ‘gut feelings’ (intuition) .. and an empty notebook! … i welcome all — *especially* the skeptics & non-believers !! ..for if you recall = i was formerly perhaps the biggest of them all.

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